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About Us

SendSoda utilizes expert digital marketing strategies to allow your business to reach its goals. Our experience has provided us with an expansive customer base in numerous verticals and industries including Finance, Auto, Non-Profit, Insurance, Retail and more! Our services can optimize marketing efforts and expand market reach in any industry and for a business just like yours!

Through our experience, our team has perfected our ability to grow our customers business by dedicating time and resources with a personalized experience. By understanding your business and market segment partnered with our experience we develop strategies centered around you and your business.

Why SendSoda?

SendSoda provides messaging services to send your messages to large audiences, taking your customer interaction to a whole new level.




SMS Marketing

grew by 92% for B2C’s and 197% by B2B’s in 2017-2019.

90% of SMS

messages are read within 3 minutes.

SMS open rates

are 5 times higher than email open rates.

6 in 10

consumers have a positive impression of companies using SMS for direct communication.


are Redeemed 10 times more when delivered via SMS.

48.7 Million

consumers opted-in to business SMS communication in 2010.

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Send Soda’s White Glove Service is a personalized experience allowing your business to achieve the marketing growth you always dreamed of!